CDGA Consultants


Pat Moriarty (Director) B.E., C.Eng.

Senior project leader on international projects and business development.

Pat O Connell (Technical Director) B.E., C.Eng.

Senior advisor on technical design and consultancy.

Neil O Donovan (Engineering Director - Industry) B.E., M.Eng.Sc., C.Eng

Senior advisor on technical services to industry.

Adam King (Technical Expert – Asia Pacific & Africa) B.E., CPEng., MBA, PMP, GAICD

Senior Expert on Power Systems and Technology

George Binnev (Director - Bulgaria) M.Eng., C.Eng

Senior project leader in our Bulgarian partner firm.

Tony Azar (Director - UAE) Fellow of the American Institute of Architects

Senior project leader in our United Arab Emirates partner firm.

Omar Alokozai (Director - Afghanistan) B.Sc., MBA

Senior project leader in our Afghanistan partner firm.

Technical & Management Experts

Michael Radley B.E., M.Eng.Sc, C.Eng

Senior specialist power systems and regulations compliance engineer.

Tchavdar Ionkov B.Sc., M.Sc., C.Eng

Specialist electrical engineer - offshore oil & gas.

Phil Edwards Dipl. Police Det. (PIP Level 2) Race Relations Cert (Grenwich Univ.)

Capacity building consultancy specialist - security, civil society, development.

John Moriarty B.A., H.D.E. M.Sc (Information Technology)

Senior specialist in capacity building, training and e-learning systems.

Natalya Summar Cotter B.A. Kiev University

Specialist in document control, software applications and compliance.

Joe Whelehan B.C.L., PMP, Inc.Mech.Eng.

Senior specialist in project management.

Beata Voros B.A., M.A.

Capacity building expert - administration, accountancy and business management.

Daniel Moriarty B. Comm., PMP

Project planning, costs and logistics.

Michael O Dowd B.Sc. (Eng), C.Eng.

Infrastructure systems - senior design engineer.