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From charities to international organisations

From charities to international organisations

CDGA Consultants places customer satisfaction as the top priority of any project and always has. In operation since 1997, CDGA has provided its expertise to a wide range of industries and clients, from charities and nonprofits to international corporations and NGOs and everything in between. Over the years, we have had the same clients returning to us over and over again.


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What keeps bringing them back?

What keeps bringing them back?

Our personal approach and drive to always go above and beyond for our clients. CDGA has never taken a cut-and-paste approach; every project and every client is specifically catered to in order to deliver the best results and highest levels of satisfaction.



CDGA Consultants Family

CDGA Consultants Family

The CDGA family, which includes offices around the world, has managed to deliver this experience due to the way we operate. From getting to know our clients and maintaining an on-site presence when required, we achieve a closeness to operations and the everyday goings-on and culture of our clients in Ireland. Abroad, we have always sought out partnerships with local entrepreneurs and business leaders. This has allowed us to gain an appreciation for the customs and attitudes of local business communities, whilst also developing a global network of expertise that we can tap into as projects require it.



Our Mission

The CDGA mission is to be remembered by our clients, in minds and not just on spreadsheets. Our personable and catered approach is key to our mission and to our clients and, looking at the long-term relationships we have formed, our mission has definitely been a success.


Our Chief Staff


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Managing Director


Neil O’Donovan

Engineering Director


Dan Moriarty

Head of Business Development & Marketing


Pat O’Connell

Lead Technical Consultant – Europe


Adam King

Lead Technical Consultant – Asia/Pacific

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