Power Systems Engineering

Power System Studies

  • Detailed power system studies (Load flow, short circuit analysis, protection discrimination studies
  • Insulation coordination studies
  • Arc flash studies
  • HV installation integration design studies for on - site generation and BESS

System Impact & Grid Code Compliance Studies

  • FRT studies
  • Harmonics studies in compliance with IEC and ENA standards
  • Voltage unbalance & energisation analysis using Digsilent Power Factory and IPSA Power software

HV Earthing Design

  • CDEGS earthing software
  • Multi-layer soil analysis
  • Touch and step voltage plots
  • Detail earthing system design

HV/MV Electrical System & Substation Design

  • GIS and AIS equipment
  • Switchgear and transformer specification
  • Conceptual design of HV/MV equipment layouts, etc

HV Cable Sizing And Optimization

  • Cableizer specialized software
  • Collector system losses studies with cable sizing optimization in compliance with IEC 60287​

Other Services

  • Lightning protection system design
  • Surge protection device coordination
  • Data centre grid connections